Our Services

Lapis provides strategic counsel to a variety of clients ranging from national governments and international institutions to non-profit organizations and private sector businesses. Through close collaboration, we help them uncover the real issues and challenges, to lead to solutions that deliver measurable results.

Strategy & Planning

Creative Production

Dissemination & Community Engagement

Strategy and Planning

We excel in strategic communications, media planning, and Social Behavioral Change Communications (SBCC). Our expertise includes research, audience segmentation, message testing, surveys, and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation.

Strategic Comms

Media Planning

Social Behavioural Change
Communications (SBCC)


Situational Analysis and
Audience Segmentation

Message Testing

Surveys & Focus Groups

Monitoring and Evaluation

Social Listening

Creative Production

LAPIS is on a mission to drive positive change and transform lives through the power of media, education, research, and strategic communications. We specialize in crafting impactful strategies, creating compelling content, and engaging communities through a wide range of services.

Creative Copywriting, Message
Design, and Scripting

Campaign Design

Brand Identity, Graphic Design,
and Data Visualization

Visibility Material Design
and Production

Audio Visual Production
Audience Segmentation


We leverage the latest tools and platforms for social media and digital advertising. Additionally, our capabilities extend to traditional media like TV and radio, community engagement and capacity building, media relations, event management, and web and app development.

Social Media and
Digital Advertising

TV & Radio

Community Engagement &
Capacity Building

Media & Public Relations

Event Management

Web and App Development,
and Technical Tools